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Nick Benz

Owner and manager

Nick is certified and state-recognized instructor VSMS for both sail- and motorboats.. He gained his broad sailing experience in different yacht classes on landlocked and offshore waters.

Nick is a successful racing sailor on a variety of dinghies and yachts, mainly on the Laser or the olympic Finn dinghy, the king’s class of dinghies. He participated in European and World Championships and offshore regattas.

Nick grew up at Lake Biel which he knows like his own pocket. During his youth he has made unnumbered sailing and motorboat cruises on the lakes of the Jura which are connected via Zihl and Broye channel.

Nick’s further engagements:

  • Former board member of Yachtclub Bielersee (YCB).
  • Co-founder and president of YCB Olympia club (support of olympic campaigns and talented sailors).
  • Successful management of olympic campaigns.
  • Right-hand man of Swiss Sailing’s Head of performance sport.
  • Board member of Swiss Laser Association.
  • Treasurer of Swiss Association for Motorboat and Sailing schools.

Regular offshore cruises not only arrange an evened out work-life-balance, they enhance also the logbook «experiences».



Nana is powered with an outboard engine of 115 PS. With a length of 6,10 m and a width of 2,30 m this motorboat is highly suitable for all necessary maneuvers during the exam. Thanks to an additional ballast keel this boat remains track stable.

The boat weighs 1500 kilos and has an electronic circuit which is simple and easy to operate.

Due tot the integrated cabin heating this boat is also in use in winter.

Event boat


The Clearwater is the newest boat of our fleet. It has enough space for up to 12 people and is equipped with a galley, restroom, heating and a dinghy. The Clearwater is well suitable for any kind of events.

Sailing yacht


In France, the J80 is the most successful school boat and the most growing regatta class.

The boat is 8,00 m long, 2.47 m wide and has excellent sailing qualities. Even at faintest winds, the J80 with its sail area of 34 m2 and a weight of 1450 kilos, the Clearwater moves forward. The sailboat is very quick and agile, similar to a dinghy. The big cockpit, the rolling foresail and the layout of the fittings allow an easy handling. For training two, for events three boats identical in construction are available.

Thanks to newest electronics all parameters can be checked centralized and constantly.