General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions are integrated part of all contracts with the Sailing and Motorboat School Nicks Wellenfieber.


In general, motorboat lessons take place in all weathers. If the storm warning appears the lesson cannot be performed. Nick Benz decides whether the lesson will take place or not.

Sailing depends on wind and weather conditions. There won’t be any lessons if the wind force is greater than 4 beaufort. Wet weather is no reason to cancel the lesson. In general, the participants are expected to be at Barkenhafen for each booked lesson.

Cancellation of the lesson through the participant

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled date, sickness is the only exception to this. The Sailingand Motorboat School has no obligation to find a date for a compensation lesson. It is important that both parties follow the jointly developed program to ensure a successful exam.

If the lesson is repeatedly cancelled or the behaviour of the participant is dubious the lesson will be charged anyway. Furthermore, Nick Benz reserves the right to dissociate from cooperation with a participant.


Nick Benz decides how many hours a participant needs to be able to take the exam. In case of doubt, it will be a joint decision whether the participant will take the exam or not. Deferral costs must be paid by the participant.


Insurance : The insurance is a once-only contribution.

At the beginning of the course, a payment on account of CHF 100.00 must be paied until the end of the first week. If this payment is used up further payments on account become due. Payments not yet made could cause discontinuation of the course.

Goal: Until the exam the whole course must be paid. On the exam day, the exam itself as well as this day’s preparation will be settled. This amount must be paid after the exam in cash.


Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.